Some thoughts on leaving Microsoft and the future of this blog

As I already announced on LinkedIn, I decided to leave Microsoft starting November 24th. Strangely enough, I didn’t leave Microsoft because I didn’t enjoy the company anymore, but because I stumbled upon a new challenge that I really couldn’t refuse. More than 2 years ago I’ve decided to leave Office 365 behind and to focus more on Cloud Application Development. The solid foundation I had in cloud identity topics helped me a lot, because if you develop an application you pretty sure will also need authentication and authorization and that’s where Azure AD comes in handy. Now, I got the chance to totally shift focus and become a “real” software developer. That’s why I really couldn’t refuse this challenge and am glad to have joined Amdaris

But let me spare a few words about Microsoft. First of all, please read the LinkedIn article since that was the more “sentimental” part of my announcement. This blog post comes to complement it.

I really think that Microsoft is a great company from a strategic point of view. And it’s clear that with Satya Nadella changed a lot of things for the company. I probably sound a little bit to excited, but for one that has lived through the Nokia blunder to Microsoft being one of the two leaders in the cloud business I think that it’s reasonable to be excited. And I’m not saying that the cloud business was not important before Satya Nadella! It surely was! But now, Microsoft understand the cloud differently than it did few years ago. And the main shift came unnoticed, silently with the always increasing focus on open source technology. Therefore, I deeply saddened when so-called IT professional refuse to acknowledge what’s obvious: Microsoft Azure is now more about open source, than legacy Microsoft technology. And for those saying that I’m wrong, I just want to point out that I received my first Microsoft stocks at a price of $37 per stock. An when I’m writing this, you can buy a MSFT stock for $84.84.

Then, I would also like to lay down a few words on Amdaris. A very important aspect is that Amdaris is a Microsoft Gold Partner, so this move allows me to remain in the Microsoft ecosystem. Here, we develop .Net solutions for companies ranging from small business to enterprises so this move allows me to get more familiar with different Microsoft technologies from a developer’s perspective. And that’s precisely why I accepted the challenge to start from scratch as a .Net developer. Even if I’m on a junior level as developer, I think that I still have a big opportunity to make an impact as a Microsoft Cloud subject matter expert, while building my developer skills.

And finally a few words about this blog. I will continue writing here on different aspects related to the Microsoft cloud services and .Net development. I will probably redesign the navigation menu and change few categories, but this blog will remain active. More than that, I plan to write more constantly: around 3 articles per week for starters. I also plan to expand my social media presence and build on the success I had with the Office 365 Labs series and create some more tutorial like YouTube content. I really hope I will be able to keep these commitments 🙂


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Dan Patrascu-Baba

Dan Patrascu-Baba

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Dan Patrascu-Baba
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