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.Net Core is a constantly growing ecosystem and it becomes a viable option for developers, mostly due to the fact that you can easily develop applications for any operating systems or any platforms. Learning .Net Core becomes more and more a very good investment. Especially for those who want to start learning now, C# and .Net is in my opinion one of the best ways to start. I already wrote an article that explains why I believe this, so I won’t dive in this topic in this occasion.

On the other hand I feel a deep sense of responsibility to give back and that’s why my mission is to help regular people with passion for technology to become software developers. That’s mostly because as a self-taught developer I am fully aware of the challenges that people with passion for software would face until they get the first software developer role. That’s precisely the reason why I have started Codewrinkles Academy! I won’t dwell on what’s making this learning platform great, because I already did it (so check it out!). Right now I want to announce that a .Net Core learning path is available for registration. And I want to talk about the courses, time to completion and possible outcomes.


The .Net Core learning path consists of three different courses:

C# for total noobs

C# for total noobs” is a course designed to get your developer career jump started. During this course, students will learn the core C# syntax and will get to know the fundamental building blocks of all computer programs: variables, data types, loops, decision making, classes, methods and many more. The course will then take you to a more practical part where you’ll learn how to interact with the internet or how to read and write files. Last but not least, during the course students will build 4 different practical projects: a land plot pricing calculator, a ATM application, a “Guess the number” game and a command line utility.

C# – it gets serious” is a logical continuation. Besides theoretical concepts, during this course students learn to think like developers and to write code that is readable, maintainable and testable. In doing so students will learn to apply object-oriented programming principles in C# applications and design and write entire solutions according to the SOLID principles of software design. From a technical perspective, the course discusses concepts like: polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance, abstraction, single responsibility, interface segregation and many more. Students will also learn how to handle exceptions, how to implement own errors and exceptions, how to connect to databases and many more. Another big chunk of this course is dedicated to data structures and algorithms.

ASP.Net Core Web Development” is the last course in the learning path. During the course, students will build their very own web API and a web application. Following a “learning by doing” principle, the course covers a lot of important concepts and topics: MVC architecture, controllers, services, middleware, dependency injection, REST principles, authentication and authorization, areas, routing, Razor and many more.  After completing this course, students can already start to look for their first job interviews!


Each course in the learning path is designed to be delivered within 40 hours of live sessions, 4 hours per week with 2 hours deliveries on two different days. This means that it would take around 30 weeks to complete the entire learning path. Also keep in mind that students will have to also build their own projects and work on assignments. A course will be completed only when 80% of all course components are completed (live sessions, assignments, quizzes). Therefore, depending on the student’s time investment, a course completion can take a little bit longer.

Based on the experience gathered so far I would say that it would take around 8-9 months until a potential student will be ready to prepare for the first interviews. However, this is far less than I needed without a proper mentor and a real guidance as these courses are.

If you want to register, please follow the above links and complete the registration form. Somebody will get in touch with you within 24 hours to discuss further details. If you know somebody that might be interested, please don’t be shy and share this article. They might be very thankful after 8 months! Last, but not least, let me know if you have any feedback regarding topics that you might think are missing now.


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Dan Patrascu-Baba

Dan Patrascu-Baba

Developer, consultant, trainer at Codewrinkles
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Dan Patrascu-Baba
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2 thoughts on “.Net Core online courses

  1. I am a newbie too.Net and started learning.Net but confuse from where should I start. I mean to say should I go with .Net web forms or .Net MVC. Does .net webforms is essential to learn? or I can directly go with .net MVC?

    1. Thanks for dropping a comment.
      First of all, please note that I have removed the hyperlink from your username. In my opinion it is a lack of elegance to use a name like “Dot Net Programming” to post a question regarding how to learn programming while the name links to a .Net training program. I kind of felt that you were doing this mostly for SEO purposes, which is in my opinion wrong. Please accept my apology if there were any other reasons.

      Coming back to your question, in my opinion it is not optimal to think about frameworks or technologies when you start to learn. When somebody wants to learn programming from scratch you first need to learn C#. And the most efficient way to learn is using console applications. And believe me, you can do some very complicated applications in the console, like all type of command line utilities. I am using such type of applications in the courses I provide and I am very happy with the results.

      When you are familiar enough with C# you can go for a framework/technology. Web forms is really outdated and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. So going for .Net Core is optimal if you want to focus on web development.

      Hope I was able to help.

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