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Do you want to become a software developer even if you didn’t study computer science? If yes, keep reading since this post might be interesting for you!

As many of my readers might know already, I did not study computer science at all. Still, I am working in the IT industry for around 10 years, half of which I’ve spend working at Microsoft. I started coding around 3 years ago and right now I am working as a full stack software developer. My primary focus is .Net Core and Angular 2+ when it comes to front end. A big part of my work experience had also to do with training, coaching, webinars and learn to use and download app for pc from websitepin. I am also mentor at The Informal School of IT in Romania. During the last 3 months I’ve put a lot of thought into how to help people just like me 4 years ago to become software developers for this using software to create a webinar to help me offering education. I really started to see this as a mission for myself, as I think that coding skills will be vital on the job market just in few years from now. And I’m not talking only about the IT market! The drive to help regular people to become developers is really making me nuts. So here’s what I came up with!

Codewrinkles Academy

Codewrinkles is the name of the start-up I just founded. I wanted to create an online learning platform that would really make an impact. You would argue, that there are a lot of learning platforms already. That’s true. Still, the biggest problem with most learning platforms is that instructors just provide heavily edited video tutorials and maybe a few notes or code samples. From my own experience I know that if you really want to become a software developer, this approach is not very helpful. Such people need mentors, coaches, instructors. That’s why on Codewrinkles Academy, there will only be instructor led trainings!

Today’s technology is offering all the needed tools to teach online. You can even get an online msn degree these days! In live sessions, I firmly believe that the instructor/student interaction is a vital part of the journey towards a software development career. Students will be allowed to ask questions at any point. They will be able to share screens, to discuss the written code, to interact with other students, to do brainstorming sessions on how to resolve a certain task. And most important, training courses on Codewrinkles Academy will always include one on one coaching sessions with the instructor! For each student! I firmly believe that students don’t need just videos: they need a real mentor/coach that is able to guide them from point A to point B and even further.

What’s in it for you?

I have build the needed learning platform for this new concept of training courses. It’s not publicly accessible yet, since there are still some things to tweak, mostly around branding and design. However, I want to start a first pilot training course in September¬†,¬†and there are 10 places up for grab!¬†

The first training I will deliver will is called C# for total noobs and is addressed to anybody that wants to start coding, without having any previous coding experience.

There are in total 40 hours of instructor led training planned. Planned is to have short 2-hour sessions two times a week. So the training will take around 10 weeks to complete.

I have already created tons of additional content: presentations, code samples, assigments, tests and projects that we’ll build together.

The training sessions will be delivered most likely in the afternoon/evening or on weekends.

There is also an associated cost, since I have to cover for hosting expenses and conferencing tools, but I can assure you that the price won’t be high at all for this first group. I will provided more details personally to those interested.

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, feel free to drop a comment or using THIS form.

Do you want to teach instead?

If you are already an established software developer, if you also feel the drive to help others become software developers and if you think that to achieve this students need more than just some heavily edited and shortened videos, please get in touch with me. My plan is to bring together developers and IT pros that share the same passion and offer a large variety of training courses on Codewrinkles Academy.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Dan Patrascu-Baba

Dan Patrascu-Baba

Developer, consultant, trainer at Codewrinkles
,Net Developer.Focusing on both the .Net world and Microsoft Azure. Experienced speaker and trainer.
Dan Patrascu-Baba
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