WishAppList – let publishers know that you want their apps on Windows 10

The absence of popular apps is one big problem in the Windows Mobile ecosystem. Microsoft did a very important move to address this problem by bringing the new universal apps model to all Windows 10 devices, no matter if PC, tablet or smartphone. However, since most of the mobile phones still didn’t receive the upgrade to Windows 10, Lumia devices started to heavily loose market share.

However, this is only the intro to what I want to share to all apps power users. There is a cool website called WishAppList, that enables users to cast their vote for their favourite apps. In order to do this, you have to sign up and login. Then, you can cast your vote for existing applications or even bring a new app to the attention of all visitors. 

WishAppList representatives say that once applications start to have a significant amount of votes, they will contact the publishers and let them know that their application is also wanted on Windows 10.

Applications on WishAppList are structured into several categories, like applications that exist on the Windows ecosystem, but would need some updates or applications that are not present at all.

So if you’re using Windows 10 devices, pay a visit and cast your vote for your most wanted applications.

Note: WishAppList is not associated at all with Microsoft.

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