Windows Phone market share goes over 10 percent in Europe

Windows Phone increased its market share in Europe to 10.1% according to Kantar. Sure 10.1% is not much in comparison to the Android market share, let’s say, but if we look at the trend we can see a constant growth of the Windows Phone powered devices.

If we take a closer look at the Kantar charts we can see an accentuated growth in Germany to a market share of 8.7% and in France to 14.2%. In great Britain, Windows Phone dropped some market share over the last year, but still has 7.8%. In Italy, another important market, there is also a slight decrease but the market share remains one of the highest at 14.4%. 

On the other hand, we can see an accentuated decrease of market share for Android devices in all major European markets. There is a -3% decrease in Germany, -5.2% in Great Britain, -5.1% in France and -1.3% in Italy. In some cases, like France for example we can see, based on this numbers, that Android decreased in favour of Windows Phone devices. In Great Britain, on the other hand, the Android decrease is in favour of iOs.

I think Microsoft would have expected bigger increases over the last year. Still, Microsoft has something like a bad name when it comes to smartphones and both consumers and enterprise customer would have to overcome some misconception first before we will see a really accentuated growth of Windows Phone market share. I would also dare to predict that the Windows Phone market share will also grow pretty fast after the Windows 10 global release. Since the OS will be the same on all devices, apps developers will suddenly have a platform with a multi-million customer base and the available apps will explode. As we know, the main concern of most users is that they are missing some important apps from the Windows Phone market place. Once the apps will be there, the adoption will most probably also accelerate.



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