Windows 10 on 14 million devices in 24 hours


Windows 10 was globally launched on July 29th in 190 countries and the free upgrade process started successfully. Press reviews were overwhelmingly positive and it seems like Microsoft did it right this time, even if, for sure, there are still things that can be improved. Windows 10 is delivered as a service and improvements will be shipped on a regular basis, so end users won’t have to always wait till the next patch. 

Twenty four hours after the launch, Windows 10 reportedly runs on 14 million devices already, according to the official Windows blog. The Windows 10 free upgrade is however still running in waves. There are 2 main reasons for this approach. First, Microsoft continuously monitors how the upgrade process is performing and watches for feedback, so that it would be able to fix any deployment issues for the next “waves”, if such issues arise. Second, the phased approach is also used to not take down the whole internet.

Windows insiders were able to download their free upgrade one day early and it seems that in that period of time their upgrade accounted for a 6% to 8% of the global internet traffic. Windows 10 remains, however, the biggest online software release till now

If you still haven’t received you Windows 10 copy, you would have to be patient. The update will arrive to you most probably within the next few hours if you have reserved it before the launch. If you didn’t reserve your Windows 10 copy till now, you have 1 year time to do it using the “Get Windows 10 app”. If you don’t see this app on you computer, your operating system may not be eligible for the free upgrade or you may be missing some Windows updates that allow this app to run. In this case, you may want to let your current OS check for updates.

For more information about the Windows 10 free upgrade process, you may refer to the following article, where you would also find a brief Q&A.

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