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Moving public folders to Exchange Online

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Exchange public folders is always a hot topic. It was since public folders were first released a bunch of years back. Nowadays, with the large adoption of Exchange Online the new and very big challenge is to move the public folders to the cloud. I have to say, there are some limitations which may result in bottlenecks during a cloud migration, so what I want to do is to shed some light onto this topic. My experience is that the official Microsoft documentation on this topic is sometimes misunderstood.

A first point to take into consideration is the migration of Exchange public folders to Exchange online in a non-hybrid environment. This comes also with a trick. It is possible to migrate legacy public folder to Exchange online, but it is currently not supported to migrate Exchange Server 2013 public folders. You can find HERE an extensive documentation on how to migrate legacy public folders to Exchange online and I find that this step by step description is pretty self explanatory. Please be advised that this is basically a staged migration. Continue reading