Microsoft and Docker announce new innovations for Azure IaaS

Around one year ago Microsoft and Docker started a great partnership meant to continuously innovate and bring new cool features to Azure IaaS that enable organizations around the world to build their next generation cross platform apps. Trying to enumerate all the new features brought to Microsoft Azure in partnership with Docker is not easy at all, but some of them include Windows Server Containers, Hyper-V Containers, Docker VM Extensions for Linux on Azure, Docker CLI support on Windows, Compose and Swarm support on Azure, Visual Studio Tooling for Docker.

These days at the the DockerCon North America Microsoft and Docker announced and demonstrated some new features and updates that take the partnership to a next step. 

In the DockerCon keynote, Mark Russinovich demonstrated the first ever multi-platform container application. Built, shipped and running using Docker, this container application is the first in the industry to work across both Windows Server and Linux.

Mark Russinovich also demonstrated how development teams can use Visual Studio Online to define a customizable continuous integration pipeline to build, unit test, and deploy multiple containers defined using Docker Compose.

Further, it was showcased how you can use the Azure Marketplace experience to deploy a single or a multi-container application sourced from an image from Docker Hub using Docker Compose.

Microsoft and Docker also announced the addition of a Docker Trusted Registry VM image into the Azure Marketplace, offering an enterprise-ready Docker repository, behind the firewall, on an enterprise-ready public cloud.

For more information on all the new features and announcements you may refer to the official Azure Blog.

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