Microsoft Continuum turns your smartphone into a desktop PC

Have you ever thought that your smartphone could easily turn into a desktop PC? Well, with Microsoft Continuum and Windows 10 this is not a dream anymore. Microsoft Continuum is a innovative Windows 10 capability that allows users to connect their smartphone to a mouse, keyboard and display and get the full desktop experience out of a tiny Windows Phone. This capability was announced and demonstrated both at Build 2015 and Microsoft Ignite and in my opinion will be one of the major selling point of Windows 10 powered devices.

You would then ask, of course, how would Microsoft Continuum work? And this is a legit question. According to the demonstrations made at Build 2015 in San Francisco and Microsoft Ignite in Chicago you would be able to connect a mouse and keyboard via bluetooth. An additional display could be connected via an HDMI adapter. Windows 10 will recognize this new input and output options and will turn into the familiar Windows 10 full desktop version.

In the meantime the smartphone is fully operational and you can use it to make calls, send text messages and so on. It would be even be possible do work on the Windows Phone screen with a certain application and play a movie on the external display. So Microsoft Continuum not only turns your smartphone into a desktop, but it also makes a multi-screen device from it.

But it is difficult to describe a totally new feature in few words, so let’s better watch a video.


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