Fixes in Azure AD Sync Build 1.0.491.0413

Few days back Microsoft released Azure AD Sync Build 1.0.491.0413, fixing some important issues that were present in the previous build. This is a pretty important update I would say, since in the past month I had several partners where we struggled with some Azure AD Sync issues that were resolved by installing the new build. 

Here is a brief overview of the fixes that have been implemented in this build.

  • The ADDS connector does not process deletes correctly if the recycle bin is enabled and there are multiple domains in the forest.
  • The performance of import operations has been improved for the Azure Active Directory connector.
  • When a group has exceeded the membership limit (by default, the limit is set to 50k objects), the group was deleted in Azure Active Directory. The new behavior is that the group will remain, an error is thrown and no new membership changes will be exported.
  • A new object cannot be provisioned if a staged delete with the same DN is already present in the connector space.
  • Some objects are market for being synchronized during a delta sync although there is no change staged on the object.
  • Forcing a password sync also removes the preferred DC list.
  • CSExportAnalyzer has problems with some objects states.

This build also comes with a brand new feature regarding the miisclient.exe Joiners. Starting with this build a join can now connect to any object type in the metaverse.

You can download this build from the Microsoft Download centre.

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