Few things you could miss after upgrading to Windows 10


When talking about some of the great Windows 10 features, I promised to come back with an article regarding some things that you could miss after upgrading to Windows 10 on July 29th. I have to admit that in my opinion only Windows 7 users will really feel a huge difference after the upgrade.

So first of all, Windows Home editions users are probably familiar with the Media Center. Well, the Media Center is not available in Windows 10 anymore so you would most probably need some third party software to do the job the Media Center did. However. 

On the other hand, Windows 10 won’t have the desktop gadgets that Windows 7 has. Again, Windows 8 and 8.1 users are already familiar with this approach. The reason behind is that the gadgets were in some way replaced by the Windows 8.1 live tiles that you can pin to the Start screen. A good thing however is that the live tiles behaviour is somehow consistent across devices running Windows 8.1 and will be even more consistent with Windows 10.

There is also another category of things that you may miss in Windows 10, although they are heavily promoted by Microsoft and this is due to the hardware limitation. As you may have already anticipated some of the great Windows 10 feature require also certain hardware compatibilities and specification. The Continuum feature, for instance, won’t be available on most of the Lumia devices and you may need to buy a new Windows Phone in order to be able to really use this feature.  The same goes for Windows Hello.

In my opinion, this limitations also show that Windows 10 is not just another release of Windows, but a total different way to think, design and deliver Windows to all possible devices.

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