About me

P1180556My name is Dan Patrascu-Baba and I am working as .Net developer at Amdaris.

I worked for 5 years at Microsoft on 2 technical roles covering mostly Office 365 and Azure. Many of my peers consider me an Azure Active Directory expert, including everything that’s around: Azure AD Connect, ADFS and so on. That might be true in a certain way, but I don’t consider myself an expert since cloud technologies change very fast and sometimes I’m not able to really keep track with what’s new. For example, nowadays I concentrate more on Azure AD development and I might lose sight of what’s new in the latest Azure AD Connect release.

From development perspective I concentrate more on ASP.NET Core. I am fairly familiar also with front end technologies like: HTML5, CSS, AngularJS, Bootstrap and so on.

When I’m not bound to use an IDE i mostly write code in Visual Studio Code, which is very powerful code editor that you can use also on Linux and Mac.

I also participate to several events as speaker and held several trainings. So I would assess myself as a fairly experienced conference speaker and trainer.

Besides technology I enjoy playing chess. You may find me on chess.com.

If you want to keep in touch with me, I am also active on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Can’t wait to get in touch with you all!


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