Curriculum Vitae Builder, a great Office add-in

When I talk to partners or during my speeches at conferences I almost always mention the fact that there is a big market for Office add-ins and that developers should clearly exploit it. Today I stumbled upon a great Office add-in called Curriculum Vitae Builder, developed by Egomnia. And this add-in is really great, especially for graduates or for professionals that seek a new professional challenge. With a lot of different versions of résumé it is often difficult to put together a very strong and appealing curriculum vitae. However, with Curriculum Vitae Builder you surely won’t forget any important information about yourself.

You can find this add-in in the Office store and it is FREE. You just have to purchase it using your Office 365 Account, or, to be more clear, the account that you use to activate/login into your Office suite. Then you open a Word document and you can load the Curriculum Vitae Builder add-in with Insert > My add-ins.

CV builder



Once the add-in is loaded, a new pane will open on the right side and there you can start building your CV. You can upload a picture and specify all details about you. A very interesting thing is that you will be provided with a drop down containing all universities in the country you chose previously. After completing all steps you will have a very nice looking and professional résumé! Enjoy it!

Dan Patrascu-Baba

Partner Technical Consultant at Microsoft
Azure PaaS and dev consultant, working for Microsoft. Mostly dealing with Microsoft Azure services, ASP.Net Core, AngularJS, Javascript. Helping partners and customers to write good code and to architect their cloud and hybrid solutions.

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