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Few things you could miss after upgrading to Windows 10

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When talking about some of the great Windows 10 features, I promised to come back with an article regarding some things that you could miss after upgrading to Windows 10 on July 29th. I have to admit that in my opinion only Windows 7 users will really feel a huge difference after the upgrade.

So first of all, Windows Home editions users are probably familiar with the Media Center. Well, the Media Center is not available in Windows 10 anymore so you would most probably need some third party software to do the job the Media Center did. However.  Continue reading

Windows 10 – some cool features that you may underestimate

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As promised I will continue to write about Windows 10 these days, since on July 29th Window 10 will become generally available, but I’m sure you know this already. So right now I would like to concentrate on some cool Windows 10 features that may be a little bit underestimated.

1. The Start button. Yes, in Windows 10 we will have the Start button back, and I mean the real one, not a surrogate like in Windows 8.1. Sure, the Windows 10 Start button has a total different design than the one we know from Windows 7, but it really takes advantage of the live tiles. Furthermore, it is fully customizable so that every user should find his perfect button.  Continue reading

Is the Windows 10 free upgrade really free?

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Seven more days till July 29th when Windows 10 will be globally launched. Therefore I will concentrate on Windows 10 for the next couple of weeks. And I would like to start the Windows 10 article series by answering a question that I heard very often, especially when going out with friends or family. As we know, every eligible device with a genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 license could benefit from a Windows 10 free upgrade. But is this free upgrade really free?

The answer is clearly YES. There are no strings attached and everyone would get a full Windows 10 license. You won’t have to pay for it after the first 12 months, as I often hear, your Windows 10 license will not become a subscription so you won’t be charged monthly for using it.  Continue reading

Microsoft and Docker announce new innovations for Azure IaaS

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Around one year ago Microsoft and Docker started a great partnership meant to continuously innovate and bring new cool features to Azure IaaS that enable organizations around the world to build their next generation cross platform apps. Trying to enumerate all the new features brought to Microsoft Azure in partnership with Docker is not easy at all, but some of them include Windows Server Containers, Hyper-V Containers, Docker VM Extensions for Linux on Azure, Docker CLI support on Windows, Compose and Swarm support on Azure, Visual Studio Tooling for Docker.

These days at the the DockerCon North America Microsoft and Docker announced and demonstrated some new features and updates that take the partnership to a next step.  Continue reading

Bing just redefined the online video search

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Well, yes, you read it right and I am fully aware of all implication when I am saying that Bing just redefined the online video search. At first I didn’t notice it at all, but this morning, when going through all the tech news I stumbled upon this report and I went straight ahead to test it myself.

So, today Bing released some major updates to its video search engine which redefines the online video search. One of the cool new features is that you are able to preview the video, with or without audio, right from the search result page, so you may be able to check first if a certain video is what you were looking for or not.  Continue reading

Fixes in Azure AD Sync Build 1.0.494.0501

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Azure AD Sync Build 1.0.494.0501 was released some time ago and in my opinion it brought a fix for a major problem I was seeing in a lot of cases and that is failing of password writeback with servicebus connectivity error.

I still see a lot of partners struggling with this type of error messages at their end customers and I advised all of them to install the new build. This solved this error in all of the cases.

However, be aware that Azure AD Sync build  1.0.494.0501 now requires the .Net Framework version 4.5.1 to be installed. So if you don’t have this .NET version currently installed on your server, you may want to install it before installing the new Azure AD Sync Build.  Continue reading

Windows Phone less vulnerable than iOS and Android

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Windows Phone is less vulnerable than iOS and Android according to Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of the IT security company Kaspersky Lab and quoted by GSMArena. He made this comment while speaking at a security conference in Australia.

“Criminals are obsessed with iOS and there are many, many vulnerabilities,” Kaspersky said, adding that with “millions of brutal attacks” Android, too, is “not safe”. He noted that hackers are increasingly targeting mobile devices “with stats showing 97% of users did mobile banking or some other activity that revealed passwords.” Continue reading

Windows 10 generally available on July 29th

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Windows 10 will be generally available starting July 29th! That’s now officially documented on the Windows blog and announced by Cortana herself, the most personal digital assistant.

As Microsoft emphasized during the Build and Ignite conferences, Windows 10 is not just another version of the operating system, but the next generation Windows. I think we might not be fully aware what this means, but in fact it seems as Windows 10 is basically the last major version of Windows. As it was confirmed today, Windows 10 will also run subscription based and updates will be rolled out as they are developed, taking advantage of the cloud specific update model.  Continue reading

What’s new in AD FS on Windows Server 2016

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Identity Federation is one of my favourite IT topics, maybe also because it is the foundation for any discussion about cyber security in a cloud-first world. And I am glad that Microsoft presented today at Ignite some cool new feature that will be included in the AD FS server role in Windows Server 2016, as well as some key improvements made to some great features already present in Windows Server 2012 R2. So let’s take a look at them!

The first great thing I noticed is the ability to authenticate users from LDAP v3 directories, such like AD LDS, Novell, OpenLDAP just to name few of them. This is because modern LDAP directories are modelled as a local claim provider (just like Active Directory is). This LDAP directories will show up as another Claims Provider in the home realm discovery for passive authentication. Login ID can be any attribute, but it has to be unique in the LDAP directory. For authentication to Office 365, the attribute chosen for authentication should be unique across al directories that are configured for authentication to Office 365. In other.  Continue reading

Inside Exchange Server 2016

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Exchange Server 2016 has been announced for some time, but we were able to take a first look inside the Exchange Server 2016 only on the second day of the Microsoft Ignite conference in Chicago. It was a pretty long journey with a lot of live demos and plenty of information that might be difficult to memorize. Therefore, here are some key points regarding the new Exchange 2016 server.

To start with, Exchange Server 2016 is basically the first Exchange server built in the cloud. So we have a total different server release model, which now extends to all Microsoft servers, not only Exchange. Till now, we always had an Exchange Server release and then the server was brought into the cloud. If you remember, Exchange Online was at the beginning an online service based on Exchange Server 2010. Then, Exchange Server 2013 was released and afterwards this server was brought into the cloud and all Exchange Online customers were transitioned to this new Exchange Online versions. I think most IT pros will remember this process, since it was kind of painful at times 🙂 Continue reading