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Microsoft and Docker announce new innovations for Azure IaaS

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Around one year ago Microsoft and Docker started a great partnership meant to continuously innovate and bring new cool features to Azure IaaS that enable organizations around the world to build their next generation cross platform apps. Trying to enumerate all the new features brought to Microsoft Azure in partnership with Docker is not easy at all, but some of them include Windows Server Containers, Hyper-V Containers, Docker VM Extensions for Linux on Azure, Docker CLI support on Windows, Compose and Swarm support on Azure, Visual Studio Tooling for Docker.

These days at the the DockerCon North America Microsoft and Docker announced and demonstrated some new features and updates that take the partnership to a next step.  Continue reading

Fixes in Azure AD Sync Build 1.0.494.0501

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Azure AD Sync Build 1.0.494.0501 was released some time ago and in my opinion it brought a fix for a major problem I was seeing in a lot of cases and that is failing of password writeback with servicebus connectivity error.

I still see a lot of partners struggling with this type of error messages at their end customers and I advised all of them to install the new build. This solved this error in all of the cases.

However, be aware that Azure AD Sync build  1.0.494.0501 now requires the .Net Framework version 4.5.1 to be installed. So if you don’t have this .NET version currently installed on your server, you may want to install it before installing the new Azure AD Sync Build.  Continue reading

De ce este importanta identitatea digitala intr-o companie?

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De regulă ne întâlnim cu termenul de „identitate” în foarte multe zone ale vieții noastre cotidiene, dar atunci când vine vorba despre IT acest concept este aproape necunoscut. Și mă refer aici, în primul rând, la companiile mici și mijlocii create aici în România din entuziasmul unor antreprenori cu viziune. Companiile mari au, de regulă, deja un răspuns la această întrebare și alocă bugete destul de importante pentru gestionarea identității digitale.  Continue reading