Bing just redefined the online video search

Well, yes, you read it right and I am fully aware of all implication when I am saying that Bing just redefined the online video search. At first I didn’t notice it at all, but this morning, when going through all the tech news I stumbled upon this report and I went straight ahead to test it myself.

So, today Bing released some major updates to its video search engine which redefines the online video search. One of the cool new features is that you are able to preview the video, with or without audio, right from the search result page, so you may be able to check first if a certain video is what you were looking for or not. 

On the other hand, based on popularity and hits, Bing displays a larger preview for the top video you were searching for and you are able to watch and listen the entire video from the large preview. However, please note that this feature may be limited in some countries.

One other great thing with the Bing online video search is that you can filter what videos and from which provider to display. So you are able to filter only YouTube videos, MySpace, DailyMotion or Metacafe for example.

Also, the Bing video search does not necessarily favour videos from a certain provider, like Google does for YouTube videos and this may be a great opportunity for other less popular providers to get their content shown up in search results.

In my opinion, all this changes bring a really fresh experience to video searches, that Google doesn’t. So I’m in a certain way glad that Bing brings now the best experience when searching online videos even if the online video market is dominated by Google. And I can’t help to remember that Microsoft created the best YouTube app ever, but Google took it down.

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