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Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 faster than the Ipad Air 2

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Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tablet seems to be the fastest flagship tablet according to which.co.uk. Even if the Ipad Air 2 ist the best selling tablet at the current time and Apple enthusiasts claim that it is also the fastest one, it seems that some specific speed test revealed something else: the Surface Pro 3 is 20% faster than the Ipad Air 2.

To assess a tablet’s speed, which.co.uk used the industry-recognised Geekbench software. It puts tablets’ processors through their paces by seeing how quickly they can complete simulations of real-world tasks. Continue reading

Moving documents between SharePoint libraries

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Last few weeks I came across a lot of SharePoint related questions and especially to document management in SharePoint and what happens when we move documents between libraries. One of the mains issues I heard about relate to document metadata, versions and DocumentID not beeing kept when a document is copied into another SharePoint library. So I thought to write down a few ideas on this topic that might be useful for SharePoint users.

First of all, I have to admit that this behavior is kind of expected since when we copy a document to another location, a new and fresh document is created. That’s why the copy will have fresh metadata, versions and a brand new DocumentID.  Continue reading