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Microsoft and VMWare working together on Pester open source project

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Jeffrey Snover announced at Ignite that Microsoft and VMWare are jointly working together to contribute to an open source project called Pester. Pester is a BDD based test runner for PowerShell which provides a framework for running Unit Tests to execute and validate PowerShell commands and scripts.

But what does this mean? Well when we create some PowerShell scripts, we also have to test them heavily before we use them in production. But testing PowerShell scripts is not always easy since in some cases these scripts interact with critical processes that might bring our test environment to a total failure in just few seconds. And we would need a lot of time to rebuild it.

With Pester this is not a problem any more because we are able to test our script in an isolated framework that will also send out some hints whether our script is performing the expected actions generates the expected results. So Pester is a great tool to safely test and validate PowerShell scripts.

Now, if I did not misunderstand anything, Pester will be shipped by default with Windows 10, which is another great news!

If you want to find out more about Pester, you may refer to the GitHub Wiki. Also on GitHub you may be able to track the progress use the resources other contributors have created and contribute yourself to this project.