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Microsoft Continuum turns your smartphone into a desktop PC

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Have you ever thought that your smartphone could easily turn into a desktop PC? Well, with Microsoft Continuum and Windows 10 this is not a dream anymore. Microsoft Continuum is a innovative Windows 10 capability that allows users to connect their smartphone to a mouse, keyboard and display and get the full desktop experience out of a tiny Windows Phone. This capability was announced and demonstrated both at Build 2015 and Microsoft Ignite and in my opinion will be one of the major selling point of Windows 10 powered devices.

You would then ask, of course, how would Microsoft Continuum work? And this is a legit question. According to the demonstrations made at Build 2015 in San Francisco and Microsoft Ignite in Chicago you would be able to connect a mouse and keyboard via bluetooth. An additional display could be connected via an HDMI adapter. Windows 10 will recognize this new input and output options and will turn into the familiar Windows 10 full desktop version. Continue reading

Windows Update for Business announced at Microsoft Ignite conference

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There’s a huge effervescence around Windows 10 and in my opinion this effervescence is deserved. Windows 10 is not just another release of Windows! Instead, Windows 10 is a new generation of Windows, built for the era of personal computing. Windows 10 is an operating system designed for the mobility across devices, not just the mobility of the devices. Some basic components of Windows 10 are re-designed, and one of this components is the update model for enterprise users.

Windows Update for Business was announced at the very first Microsoft Ignite conference for IT professionals earlier this week. For consumers, the model remains the same, with the Windows Updates service making all the needed updates for the operating system. For all Windows business customers, Microsoft supports a variety of update management solutions. These solutions enable a business to select which updates to deploy to which devices on what schedule. The design point of these Windows updating solutions was to enable Windows business devices to be selectively updated like mainframes – where reliability is paramount, with a guiding philosophy of “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” Continue reading

Modern productivity powered by Microsoft

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During the first ever Microsoft Ignite conference we saw a lot of new and impressive features, capabilities and products that will be rolled out shortly or were rolled out on May 4th during the keynote. A major focus was put on modern productivity. Nowadays the workplace is changing fast and productivity needs to be boosted to a whole new level to respond to some challenges like the mobile workforce and the need to collaborate efficiently across geographical boundaries. With the release of Office 2016, Exchange Server 2016, SharePoint Server 2016, Skype for Business Server 2015 and taking advantage of the Office 365 productivity suite, modern productivity is basically redesigned. Here are some new features that will boost end user productivity right away.  Continue reading

AT&T, BT and Equinix first providers to offer ExpressRoutes to Office 365

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Azure ExpressRoutes are dedicated connections to the Microsoft data centres, designed to ensure reliable and predictable performance as well as privacy away from the public internet. Simply put, an organization is able to communicate with the Microsoft Cloud directly, bypassing the public internet. Starting today, Azure ExpressRoutes are also available for Office 365.

But in order to offer this type of service Microsoft needs also some trusted network partners that would be able to offer this capability to organizations. As it seems, AT&T, BT and Equinix are the first providers to partner up with Microsoft on this project and offer ExpressRoutes to Office 365.   Continue reading

Microsoft Ignite: Key announcements during the keynote

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The first ever Microsoft Ignite conference for IT professionals kicked off today in Chicago with a 3 hour long keynote. A lot of announcements were made during the keynote, so t might be difficult at times to keep track of all the great new feature, capabilities and products. So here is a list of 3 key announcements that were made during the Microsoft Ignite keynote.

1. Skype for Business broadcasting capabilities

Using this new capability, meeting organizers will be able to broadcast Skype meeting to an audience of up to 10.000 attendants. This feature will be very helpful  in scenarios like global department meetings and so on, when the presenter speaks to several thousands users at the same time. Skype for Business broadcasting capabilities were just announced today, so there weren’t any deeper technical insights on how this capability will work, but I can assume that companies may want to take advantage of this capability also when delivering online trainings and webinars.

Even though this is, in my opinion, the biggest Skype announcement, Gurdeep Singh Pall also announced other interesting stuff like pre-loaded meeting attachments and in-call co-authoring of Office documents.  Continue reading