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Can I change Sharepoint Online URLs?

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Dan Patrascu-Baba

Partner Technical Consultant at Microsoft
Azure PaaS and dev consultant, working for Microsoft. Mostly dealing with Microsoft Azure services, ASP.Net Core, AngularJS, Javascript. Helping partners and customers to write good code and to architect their cloud and hybrid solutions.

Many partners ask if it is possible to change SharePoint Online URLs to reflect a friendlier name which would be easier to memorize. Of course there are a lot of other scenarios where a change of the SharePoint Online URLs would be necessary, like company acquisitions or mergers. In a SharePoint Server environment this would be possible, even if also there this is not really easy and there are a lot of things to take into considerations when doing this.

Unfortunately it is not possible to change SharePoint Online URLs. There are a lot of technical reasons in the background and I would like to briefly explain them. First of all, we have to take into considerations that in a cloud environment we have a multi-tenant setup. Multi-tenancy means basically that resources are physically shared between customers, but separated on a logical level. Continue reading