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Microsoft Partner Technical Services for technical trainings, pre-sales support and advisory services

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I received a lot of questions regarding my day to day job at Microsoft, so I thought it would be useful to write a post about what I am really doing. So, within Microsoft there is an organization called Microsoft Partner Technical Services (PTS). As you may guess, this organization is dealing with Microsoft Partners. We are a bunch of consultants spread over all the world basically and we help Microsoft partners show to their end customers the value added by the Microsoft Cloud (and not only). Microsoft Partner Technical Services comes to our partners with 3 basic offerings: technical trainings (delivered mostly via live webcasts), pre-sales support and advisory services.

Technical trainings

As already stated, technical trainings are mostly offered via live one to many webcasts where consultants share their knowledge on different topics that emerge as very important for the partners. But these trainings are also meant to keep our partners updated about what’s new in the Microsoft cloud, because in the cloud there is something new every day. Here you can find an overview of some trainings available world wide. To register for them you have to be, of course, a Microsoft Partner.  Continue reading