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How to calculate the necessary network bandwidth for SharePoint Online

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In my work with Microsoft Partner I often get a lot of questions regarding network bandwidth requirements for SharePoint Online. And this is legit from my point of view, since it is important to plan carefully plan ahead if we want to have a smooth SharePoint Online experience. That’s why I would like to share with you some fundamentals on how I usually help in calculating such bandwidth requirements.

So based on calculated averages, it seems that one single interaction (page load) with SharePoint Online generates approximately 100 KB of traffic. Of course, this is an average and the value could be different based on customizations and so on. But we could take this as a starting point.  Continue reading

Windows 10 uses peer-to-peer updates? What’s really in it?

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Windows 10 should use peer-to-peer technology for Windows updates according to a report I read in The Verge earlier today. Of course, this assumption is based on some leaked pictures and now all the tech press starts guessing. But what is really in it?

First of all, the report is based on some leaked pictures, so there is no Microsoft statement in this regard so far. However, i think that this piece of news is not really an epochal discovery for experienced IT folks, since very similar technologies are already used since Windows Server 2008 R2. You guessed correctly, I think at BranchCache right now. Continue reading