URIs in C#
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Working with URIs in C#

Most of today’s applications connect in one form or another to resources over a network. To do this we usually use URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers)….

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Using Ocelot in a dockerized application

Some time ago I played around with Ocelot, since I needed to create an API gateway for a personal project I was working on. By…

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Manipulating response headers in ASP.Net Core

HTTP headers are small pieces of additional information in form of key/value pairs that travel around the internet. You can find them in virtually all…

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Azure Durable Functions – stateful functions in a serverless environment

As many of you probably know I was co-organizing ApexVox, a free .NET conference that happened in Cluj, Romania. One of the many great talks…

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ASP.Net Core 2.2 runtime events

ASP.Net Core 2.2 was recently released and announce at the Microsoft Connect() conference in Las Vegas. Sure, there was a lot of hype on the…

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What’s the point of .Net Core 3.0 desktop applications

The Microsoft Connect() conference in Las Vegas took of on December 4th with some coll but not really unexpected announcements. For my interests the most…

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The anatomy of an attack in the world of open source software

“The secured, shared bitcoin wallet” reads the tagline of Copay. You know, that part of the entire marketing strategy of any brand that really gets…

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.Net Core online courses

.Net Core is a constantly growing ecosystem and it becomes a viable option for developers, mostly due to the fact that you can easily develop…

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An overview of Razor Components (server-side Blazor)

I wrote about Blazor some time ago. Blazor is really cool in my opinion and, in a certain way, the future of web development (even…

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Classes and objects. Programming vs philosophy

Few days back I had an interesting discussion with a colleague. We both have studied philosophy earlier in our lives so our discussion went into…

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